5 things you can do with ios 5

With 200 new features apple introduce to you new ios 5 for iphone , ipad and ipod touch. iphone 2g and 3g are not supported for the upgrade. I am listing 5 new features from the list which are most awaiting.

1. Twitter Add a Location : Oooh so cool while tweeting 1 click will lead you add your location in your tweet.
ios 5 new features
2. Use Volume Button to capture photos.. This upgrade remind of the app store app which have the same capability and apple have discourged it then and block this app from the app store and now they have added this feature in ios 5.
5 things you can  with ios 5
3. Add Music , Videos , Sound Files , Pictures in your text messages. This is very huge update. As an apple user I think that apple make so much much more fans by this only upgrade. As  long as computability with no ios devices is concerned I think that the receiver should have ios5 too be able to see these type of messages.
5 things you can do with ios 5
4. Wi-Fi Sync AKA wireless SYNC now no need to surf 50$ to purchase some app from the appstore to do wireless syncing the ios 5 come with this.
5 things you can do with ios5
5. Edit Image on the Go: I am seeing details about editing photo feature listed in ios 5 as far as my experience say it’s a good addition but its not worthy apple should have done some major improvement in Picture Editing . You can Crop , Rotate , Edit , Enhance photos.
5 things you can do with the ios 5

If you don’t want to waste time by reading the new features here is video from the apple web site which will guide you with the new features used in ios 5.

Link to the video

Please Add your comment what do you think of these features ?

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