opera mini 4 power of Internet In your hand

Opera Mini is the best Mobile Web Browser. It is faster than the built in browsers and hence it is very popular.After a lot of beta testing in opera mini version 4 now the final version is announced and you can download the final version and can use it on your mobile devices. Opera Mini 4 have improved it self in following fields.

  • Opera Link
  • Overview mode
  • Size of text fits width of screen
  • Context menu
  • Scrolling short-cuts
  • View pages in Landscape mode
  • Added support for small anti-aliased bitmap fonts
  • Simplified set-up process
  • Improved image quality
  • Improved fit to width mode rendering
  • Simplified settings page
  • Added native blackberry menu
  • Dialogues are now displayed with round corners and alpha channel overlay windows
  • New and improved server side cookie handling
Download Opera Mini 4
Opera Mini 4 features

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