10 best Temporary Disposable Email Sites |Getridof SPAM

What is SPAM and How to Get Rid of It : How many unread messages are there in your email inbox 1k, 5k or may be 10k. Have you always wonder from where they are coming and why. Its called email spamming and some one is definitely spamming your inbox. When you register with any non authenticated source and they require email of you for your email authentication and what happen for extra money these sources sell their customer data for real money. So in order to get rid of spams one way is that use some temporary email services they don’t need your data to register a account for you you just visit their page and they prompt you what your temporary email id is. I am telling you link to these service.

  1. guerrillamail : 1 hour temporary email which can be extended not auto generated email id. Email Format @sharklasers.com
  2. dispostable : Another temporary email service provider duration unknown but “Unread messages older than 2 days are automatically deleted.” Email Format : @dispostable.com
  3. mailexpire : Chose duration of your temporary account from hours to months.
  4. GreenSloth 1 week duration temporary email service.
  5. PookMail Another Temporary email service  format : @pookmail.com
  6. 10 Minute eMaildisposable email for 10 minutes.
  7. eMailMiserThis disposable email service provides you more than one account and they will be active as long as you are getting emails,
  8. YOPMail– Create a disposable and temporary email on YOPMail with out actually visiting this site email format id@YOPMAIL.com but id should be unique.
  9. Incognito Mail allows you to register at other websites without giving away your own e-mail address. Instead, create a secure, anonymous, temporary and disposable e-mail account that’ll last 60 Minutes. Enough time to receive e-mails that contain activation or download links, and to reply to e-mails that ask for confirmation.
  10. Fakeinbox. Nice and cleans design , use RSS feeds of your inbox emails. Initial expire time 60 Minutes which can be extended.

Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 2 MAC Win | How To

iOS 5 beta 2 was released on 24 june and we have added some download links too for iOS 5 Beta 2. In Beta 1 many features were disabled now beta 2 comes up with WIFI Syncing and other features.

In Order to jailbreak your iOS 5 beta 2 you need to follow these steps.

1. Download red snow 0.9.8b1 for iOS 5 beta 2 Windows Mac (note it’s a tethered jailbreak)

2. Plug in your iOS Device and run Redsn0w

3. Browse for 5.0 b2 firmware in Redsn0w and SELECT it and press next and install cydia. If you don’t have iOS 5 beta 2 or beta 1 firmware follow this link.

4. Follow the on screen instructions on how you can get in DFU Mode.

5. Wait for it to finish and reboot.

Download iTunes 10.5 for windows 32bit and 64bit and MAC.
Download iOS 5 beta 1 iOS 5 beta 2.
New Feature in iOS 5 .

Android App of your web site in 2minutes | How To

Source : Addictive Tips

Disappointed that your favorite website does not have a mobile web variant? Looking for a way to create an app for your own website without having to learn how to code? Look no further. AppYet is a web service that allows you to create, in just a few clicks, reasonably feature-rich and presentable AndroidRSS feed readers for websites of your choice. All you have to do is specify an RSS feed(s) for one or multiple sites of your choice and enter a name for the app. You can alter the package name and icon of the app as well. AppYet adds all information to an app template, builds your app and mails it to the email account that you used to register with the service. More after the break.


To begin creating apps with AppYet, head on over to the website (link provided at the end) and Sign Upfor a new account. Once registration is done, simply select Create App from the top-left corner of the page. In the Create New Application page that follows, fill in the required fields and hit Create App. In theRSS/Atom Feed(s) field, you can enter multiple RSS feeds for multiple websites, separating one RSS feed URL from the other with a semicolon (;). From within the next page, you can change the icon for your app and make final changes before clicking on the Submit to Build button within the Submit tab.

After your app is successfully built, AppYet automatically mails it to your registered email account. If the same account is registered with your Android device, you can download the app directly to your device.

Alternatively, you can download it to your computer from the My Apps page. From the same page, you can edit created applications.


The result is impressive, to say the least. AppYet’s RSS reader has a sleek yet simple interface that sports both a light and dark theme, automatic updates after user-defined intervals, the option to restrict background updates for articles and/or their images over WiFi, store image and podcast cache to the SD card, toggle and customize update notifications and back up both application settings and feeds to the SD card.

Another feature that caught our eye was the scrolling feed item bar that appears just above the task bar when an article/feed item is opened. You can swipe left and right across the screen to switch between feed items one by one but said scroll bar provides a much faster, more convenient way of doing so. And no need to worry about it cluttering the screen and ruining your reading experience. The bar disappears as soon as you swipe along the screen/scroll down.

The app allows offline reading and therefore, may take quite some time downloading images during automatic/manual updates for sites or blogs with post frequencies considerably greater than the update interval.


Read More on Original Address

iOS 5 Beta 2 Download Links iPad iPod iPhone iTv

iOS 5 Beta 2 Direct Download Links for iPad , Apple TV2, iPod and iPhone.
If you are looking for iTunes 10.5 then follow this link. I have written a easy 10 step tutorial on how you can upgrade your iOS to iOS 5. If you want to see what's new in iOS5 follow this link. For iOS 5 beta 1 follow this link.
iOS 5 Beta 2 Direct Download Links for iPad , Apple TV2, iPod and iPhone.
iPad 2 (GSM): IPSW, DMG
iPad 2 (CDMA): IPSW, DMG
iPad 2 (WiFi): IPSW, DMG
iPad 1G: IPSW, DMG
iPhone 4 (GSM): IPSW DMG
iPhone 4 (CDMA): IPSW, DMG
iPhone 3GS: IPSW, DMG
iPod touch 4G: IPSW, DMG
iPod touch 3G: IPSW, DMG

Guide on How to Jailbreak iOS 5 beta 2.

Future of Charging Inductive Charger

the future of charging

Inductive Charger the future of charging , you don’t need any regular cord to, buy a QI for your device and this inductive charger will charge your device. Energizer have made this future charger and not in rumors you can buy it on Amazon.

Future Inductive charger from Energizer will cost you $67.24

Buy Energize Inductive charger from here Amazon , Best Buy , Home Depot

future of charging

future of charging inductive

iTunes 10-5 Mac Windows 32-64 bit


 iTunes  10.5 is the latest iTune from Apple which support iOS 5. Currently it is beta stage and not fully released.
For those who want to know how to upgrade to iOS 5 see this link.
iTunes 10.5 Direct Download Links
For Mac Users : iTunes 10.5 for Mac OS
For 32 bit windows users : iTunes 10.5 for Windows 32 Bit
For 64 bit Windows user: iTunes 10.5 for Windows 64 Bit
Any time if link failed please do let me know so that i can give you fresh links.

Samsung Galaxy Root on MAC one click : How To

Root your Samsung Glaxy S models using MAC OS if you are on windows Operating System Please Follow this link Root Samsung Galaxy 2 i9100 Android 2.3.3.


  • Check on USB Debugging Mode under Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
  • Download Samsung Galaxy S One Click App [Mirror] For Mac if you are on windows follow this link.
  • Install one click rooting app and follow instructions to root your samsung galaxy.
  • After you click Root 2.1 button  the phone will reboot and enters in recovery mode.
  • Select apply sdcard:update.zip for i9000 and i9000M models while pressing Home Button. Or volume down keys followed by power button.
  • That’s All. Samsung Galaxy  is now rooted.
  • After success message your phone will be rebooted, follow on screen instruction.
  • Install Clockwork recovery and ROM Manager from market.
  • Use ROM manage to backup your Samsung galaxy

Root Samsung Galaxy 2 i9100 Android 2.3.3 How To

Tutorial on How to Root your Android 2.3.3 on Samsung Glaxy II i9100
Using Supper One Click App


Before Rooting you must be on Windows OS. First of to root your android 2.3.3 device you need to download the following file . Please tell me in comments if download link get down.

Step 1 << Put your Samsung Galaxy in debugging mode. Debug mode can be enabled by going to Settings>>Application>>Development.

Step 2 << Now Goto Flash Mode How by Turning off your Samsung Galaxy and then by holding down Power , Volume Down and Home Button will let you enter in flash mode.

Step 3 << Open Odin3 Downloader and check two options Auto reboot and F. Reset Time.

Step 4 << In Odin3 Downloader window click on PDA, and select downloaded XWKDD.tar and click on Start button. This will take some time and your Samsung Galaxy will be rebooted.

Step 5 << Finally open Super One click app you just downloaded and click on Root Button and you will se a Success Message after a while.

Step 6 << Reboot your Samsung Galaxy and its rooted on android 2.3.3 and enjoy the freedom of rooted phone.

Download Firefox for Android beta


Firefox beta  announced for desktop and android and Firefox  become the first mobile web browser which is offering don't track privacy feature  now you have more control on the web surfing using your android devices.

  • performance enhancements
  • security updates
  • stability improvements to users faster.

Download Firefox for Android beta via Android Market

Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack HF Link

Windows 8 is the codename for an upcoming version of Microsoft Windows, a series of operating systems produced by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs, and media center PCs



Hotfile Download Link
Ziddu Download Link

Others Transformation Pack you Must Check:

Windows 7 like Drive status in Windows XP
Windows 7 Gadget for Windows XP
Mac OS X Transformation pack for Windows XP

Windows 8 Transformation Pack Windows 7

Windows 8 which will be released in 2012 and offcourse will a have a new and improved GUI than Windows 7. So people are making Transformation Pack for Windows 7. So here is one of them for WIndows 7 Transformation.

Before Installing Windows 8 Transformation Pack you must read carefully the instruction.

Download Here

Others Transformation Pack you Must Check:

Windows 7 like Drive status in Windows XP
Windows 7 Gadget for Windows XP
Mac OS X Transformation pack for Windows XP

Download Windows Live Messenger 2011

The best way to stay in touch with your friends Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Download Windows Live Messenger 2011

Share photos and videos while you chat. Video chat in high definition or send a video message to a friend. And connect your social networks to see important updates in one place—Messenger.


windows-live-messsenger-logo1Windows Live Messenger (formerly named MSN Messenger) is an instant messaging client created by Microsoft that is currently designed to work with Windows XP (up to Wave 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Mobile,Windows CE, Xbox 360, Blackberry OS, iOS, Java ME, S60 on Symbian OS 9.x and Zune HD. The client has been part of Microsoft's Windows Live set of online services since 2005. It connects to Microsoft's .NET Messenger Service. The client was first released as MSN Messenger on July 22, 1999, and as Windows Live Messenger on December 13, 2005. In June 2009, Microsoft reported the service attracted over 330 million active users each month.

Follow the link to download Windows Live Messenger 9.0.

Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 Download Windows Live Messenger 2011

Android Lock Screen MIUI

MIUI-Lock-Screen-Slide-DownMIUI-Lock-Screen-Drag-To-RegionMIUI-Lock-Screen-Unlock-regionLock-Screen-Side-Slide  MIUI-Lock-Screen-Dialer-Home-ScreenMIUI-Lock-Screen-Orange-StripMIUI-Lock-Screen-Honeycomb-5-Shortcut

Android Lock Screen for MIUI. Apple and Honeycomb Inspired Lock Screen for Android Devices.

To check whether your Android Support these themes go to this link
To Download these Lock Scree for you Android go to this link. To read more and ger more lock screen go to this link.

Motorola Xoom for $499 | Honeycomb WIFI 32 GB


The Motorola Xoom is an Android-based tablet computer by Motorola, introduced at CES 2011 on January 5, 2011. It was the first tablet to sold with Android 3.0 Honeycomb. TheVerizon branded Xoom was the the first tablet to run Android 3.1 Honeycomb, however the 3.1 update has not yet been provided for European and Canadian variants. The 3G version was released on February 24, 2011 and the Wi-Fi version was released March 27, 2011. It was announced concurrently with three other products: the Motorola Atrix, the Motorola Droid Bionic, and the Motorola Cliq 2

Costco  is offering this featured device on $499.. With free Bonus GEL Casing.

General Specification of Motorola Xoom

  • Cammera 5 MP
  • Front Camera 2 MP
  • 720p video playback
  • Wifi
  • 10.1-in.; WXGA (1280x 800 pixels; 150 pixels / inch), HD 720p
  • 1GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Proximity, ambient light, barometer, gyroscope Sensors


Link to Costco web site if you want to purchase it for $ 589.

PC Suite for Android

Manage your android device using this nice PC Suite utility. Another PC Suite for your android device.
It’s a free desktop utility developed by panda apps.


System Requirement :

Mficrosoft Windows® XP SP2/SP3 Home Edition/Professional Edition Media Center
• Supports 32-bit/64-bit XP platform
• 300 MHz or faster processor
• 256 MB of RAM minimum
• 100 MB of free hard disk space

Microsoft.NET Framewoks 2.0

Android Driver

Microsoft Windows® Vista® and Vista SP1 Starter Edition/Home Basic/Home Premium/Ultimate/Business
• Supports 32-bit/64-bit platforms
• Must meet minimum Windows Vista operating system requirements

Download Link : Download PC Suite for Android Devices

Mac OS x Transform Pack for XP

If you want to Transform you old windows xp look with MAC OS X the I have a Transformation Pack for you. Fell better in your windows environment with this Transformation Pack.

kampongboy92 is the author of this Transformation pack and I am just inspired by his work.

Installation Notes:

  • It is highly recommended that use safe mode while installation.
  • This transformation pack works only with windows xp sp2
  • This mods pack includes:
    - explorer.exe
    - shell32.dll
    - xpsp2res.dll
    - mydocs.dll
    - msgina.dll

Download Link : CLick here to download
Official Page : Official Page of this Transformation

Other Resources : Chage Windows Drive Icon like windows 7 , Windows 7 Start Menu for XP, Vista Mouse Pointer, WIdows 7 Drive Status for XP, Widows 7 transformation Pack for XP

Adobe Flash player 10.3 for android 2.2

Adobe Flash player 10.3 for android 2.2

Adobe Flash player is a cross platform application that are embedded in web browser. A beautiful presentation of your work in text , photography or in video format can be show up using adobe flash player. In terms of smartphone flash is not so advance , third party application have a capability to show flash content like in opera and cloud browser for smartphones. Now adobe flash player 10.3 update have come which have a capability of faster rendering of graphics and high performance using low resources available on both personal computers and the smartphone.Flash Player include Android, BlackBerry® Tablet OS, and HP webOS.


Following features and added and some of them are enhanced in adobe flash player 10.3 for Mobile Devices.

-Hardware-accelerated video presentation (requires Android 3.1)
-Deeper integration with the Android browser rendering engine (requires Android 3.0.1 or later)
-Sleep mode (mobile only)
-Out-of-memory management
-Multitouch and gestures

-H.264 video hardware decoding
-Accelerometer input

Download Lik : here

Angry Birds for HP Touchpad

Angry_Birds_HP_touchpadHP Touch Pad is out and I here is the angry bird for HP Touchpad which is running on WEB OS.
Download Link Supported Carriers: AT&T, O2 Germany, O2 Ireland, O2 UK, Rogers Wireless, SFR, Sprint, Verizon Wireless.
Supported Phones :Palm Pre, Palm Pre2, HP TouchPad


The Games Come up with 240 Level wow.

Download Link Angry Bird for Hp Touchpad and Palm Pre

iTunes 10.5 plus iOS 5 Beta Direct Download Link

To Install iOS 5 on your iOS device you need download iTunes 10.5 so here is two in one package iTunes  10.5 and iOS 5 Beta.

For those who want to know how to upgrade to iOS 5 see this link.

iTunes 10.5 Direct Download Links

iTunes 10.5 for Mac OS
iTunes 10.5 for Windows 32 Bit
iTunes 10.5 for Windows 64 Bit

iOS 5 Direct Download lInks

iPad 1g iOS 5 Direct Download Link
iPad 2g WIFI
iPad 2g GSM
iPhone 3g
iPhone 4
iPod 3g
iPod 4G

Nissan Leaf iPhone,iPod,iPad App

Nissan Leaf iPhone,iPod and iPad Application

Nissan Leaf iPhone ApplicationNissan Leaf iPhoneNissan Leaf iPhone App

For those who don’t know Nissan have launched a fully electrically chargable car. And I am going to make a review on the application they made for the IOS devices.With this app you can check on the status of your CAR.

If you are a NIssan Leaf Owner and have an active CARWINGS subscription you can use this app right in your IOS Device(iPhone,iPad,iPod).

With Nissan Leaf Application for IOS Device(iPhone,iPad,iPod) you can…

  • Check State of the Battery Charge
  • Start Charging you Nissan Leaf Battery
  • Prompt you when charging is complete.
  • Use climate control system and Turn it on or off according to your need.
  • See the range of your driving with battery.

Visit nissanusa.com/owners to Activate Nissan LEAF CARWINGS subscription. 
Visit this link to Download Nissan Leaf App for your IOS Device

HP Touch Pad Technical Specification

HP Touch Pad

Color : Black

Operating System : HP webOS

Display :9.7-inch XGA capacitive, multitouch screen with a vibrant 18-bit color, 1024x768 resolution display

Keyboard : Virtual Keyboard

Email:Microsoft® Exchange email with Microsoft Direct Push Technology POP3/IMAP
(Yahoo!® Mail, Gmail™, AOL, Hotmail®, etc.)

Messaging: Integrated IM and SMS

GPS: A-GPS (3G models only)

Digital camera: Front-facing 1.3-megapixel webcam for live video calling4

Sensors:Light sensor, accelerometer, compass (magnetometer), and gyroscope

Media formats supported
Audio formats: DRM-free MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, QCELP, WAV
Video formats: MPEG-4, H.263, H.264

Wireless connectivity:Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n with WPA, WPA2, WEP, 802.1X authentication:Bluetooth® wireless technology 2.1 + EDR with A2DP stereo Bluetooth support

Choose either 16GB or 32GB internal storage

Rechargeable 6300 mAh (typical battery)

Charger/microUSB connector with USB 2.0 Hi-Speed

Headphone jack
3.5mm stereo headset/headphone/microphone jack

Internal stereo speakers and Beats Audio™

HP Touchstone for TouchPad7

Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-CPU APQ8060 1.2GHz

Width: 190mm (7.48 inches)
Height: 240mm (9.45 inches)
Thickness: 13.7mm (0.54 inches)

Approximately 740 grams (1.6 pounds)

HP Touchpad Official Video

In Tablet War HP is plunged in and introduced HP Touch PAD here is the official video of the brand. Well we will into the feature of this tablet too but let see what the introduction have to say about it.HP is claiming that no other tablet in the market is like hp touchpad its make multitaskting easier.

Backup SMS from android to Gmail : How To

Think that you are travelling in a train and you thought that you want to back up your SMS , well android apps can do this for you. You can back up your SMS to GMAIL and then can access it any where, Double Treat.


But First you need to configure your GMAIL for email forwarding. This configuration is easy

How to Configure IMAP in GMAIL.

  • Login to GMAIL
  • Go to Setting
  • Under settings go to  “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” TAB
  • Enable IMAP

how to configure imap for gmail

Download SMS Back Up For Android

Download Adobe Photoshop Express Android

adobe photoshop androidEdit Photos any where using adobe utlity Adobe Photoshop, which is very power full and dominating picture editing software. By using this on your android device you can share your photos on the go too and access on all any where from photoshop.com

System requirements
  • Android 1.5 or later

adobe photoshop for android deviceFollowing Features are involved in Mobile Edition.

  • crop
  • Rotate.
  • Adjust
  • Color
  • Add Artistic Effects.
  • straighten
  • Add borders

adobe photoshop for android

Adobe Photoshop for Android is available in Android Market

See official Page of Adobe Photoshop Express

Upgrade iPhone to ios 5 in 10 steps

Upgrade iPhone and Ipod Touch to ios 5 in 10 steps

Few days before ios 5 is released and I have covered 5 things you can do using ios 5 . Now I will tell you how can you upgrade your iphone to ios 5 freely any one can do that no developer account needed.

This methods only work on Iphone and ipod touch

Warning : I will not be responsible in case of any damage to your ios device.

  1. Search for iOS 5 IPSW using gogle or any other torrent site.
  2. Connect you iphone with you PC using Itunes.
  3. Holding down you SHIFT button click on upgrade and Select iOS 5 IPSW you just downloaded.
  4. Wait for the upgrade and the activation screen appears.
  5. Activate the Voice Over , by Triple Clicking your Home Button
  6. Triple click the home button and Emergency Call will appear.
  7. Click on Emergency Call and, while it’s switching, swipe with your three fingers down.
  8. Notification Center will come up. If you reached in this step successfully then go to next step if not then goto step 5 again.
  9. You Will see a weather widget click on it and let it load the weather app.
  10. Now Click on Home button once and you are done.

Extra Links: Some youtube video that will let you help upgrading to ios 5

Upgrade iPhone to ios 5 in 10 steps
Upgrade iPhone to ios 5

Free PTCL EVO Nitro Device Offer



Save RS. 4,000 and get a free 3g ptcl evo nitro device.Nitro Support EV-DO Rev.B and gives 9.3 MBPS blazing speed.

Make three months advanced payments and no charges for the device will be charged.

Business Rules from ptcl evo nitro offer offiial page :
  • Promotion is applicable for all new Nitro sales Only.
  • Customer will have to pay 3 months line rent (Rs.9000) in advance for being eligible to avail the offer.
  • For Advance billing package, customer will have to make advance payment of Rs.9000 in advance at the time of availing this offer at any PTCL OSS.
  • For PSTN billing package, customer will have to pay 3months advance line rent at the time of purchase (unlike normal PSTN packages).
  • For PSTN billing package, the customer shall not be billed EVO charges in his PSTN bill for the first 3 months; billing shall start from the fourth month.
  • Promotion is valid for sales made through PTCL In-house sales channels only.
  • Promotion is not valid for sales made through franchises and other in-direct sales channels.
  • Promotion is valid for Nitro Commercial Promo packages only.
  • Promotion is not valid for Employee & other discounted packages.
  • Promotion is not valid for EVO & Wi-Fi Cloud customers.


Assassins Creed Revelations multiplayer confirmed


ASSASSINS’ CREED REVELATIONS is the new series game from UBI Soft. Altaïr, Ezio and Desmond are the three main character of this game.The game wil be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 on 15 November 2011.

Ubisoft world premieres the multiplayer mode of ASSASSINS’ CREED REVELATIONS today on 10:AM PDT
Assassins Creed Revelations Trailer

Assassins Creed Revelations Trailer

wii 2 Nintendo project café Confirmed

Nintendo Announced that it will release its next gen version of wii in 2012 , but in expo 2011 june nitendo will give us a presentation of its new console. May be we can get the technical specification of this new device.

According the IGN the next wii 2 controller have a touch screen.

Nintendo named this project as ‘Project Café’. And no specification of this project is available until june 2011 expo.

Nintendo E3 Press Conference


Mac OS X Lion Multi Touch Gestures

Apple have announced MAX OS X Lion Operating System which comes with so many features. Multi Gestures is one of them. You can use your mouse pad to perform multi touch gestures.

1. Swipe to Navigate : Use you two finger and swipe them together and flip pages of pdf documents , flip through web pages.
mac os x lion gesture 6
2. Get a bird eye view of your  Mac OS X Lion by swiping three fingers together to perform this gesture.
mac os x lion gesture
3. Switch Between Open MAC OS Apps using your three finger and swiping them to perform this gesture.
mac os x lion gesture 2
4. Scroll web pages, documents of Mac OS X Lion by swapping your two fingers to perform this gesture.
mac os x lion gesture 3
5. Double Tap the mouse pad to zoom in documents , pictures etc to perform this gesture.
mac os x lion gesture 4
6. Zoom In and Zoom Out documents , pictures in Mac OS X Lion by pinching on your mouse pad to perform this gesture.
mac os x lion gesture 5