5 Best Screen Saver Creator | Produce Your Own Screen Saver

Yes you can produce your own screen saver I have grabbed 5 best screen saver editor which can create best screen saver for you. Some can use SWF flash files while some can use your pics for

1. InstantStorm Screen Saver Creator (1.88MB)
With InstantStorm you can create flash based animation all you have to do is first create a cool Flash animation in SWF format and then using instagram you can create a windows executeable installer for screensaver.
Best Screen Saver Creator1
Download Page for InstantStorm

2. Video Screensaver (641.15K)

With Video Screensaver you choose a video file and set it as a screensaver. User don’t need to install new codecs or any new plugin to set video as screensaver
create screensaver
Download Page for Video SCreen Saver Creator

3.Ultra Screen Saver Maker(4.76MB)
Create a full screen saver using pictures , sound , videos and flash in just 2 minutes. You can export screensaver as SCR for Executeable installer formatscrreen saver creator
Download Page for Ultra Screen Saver Maker

4. Axialis Screensaver Producer

  • Create all kinds of screensavers from Sprites
  • No limit to your imagination with Flash screensavers
  • Make relaxing screensavers with Slideshows
  • Make dynamic screensavers with Video


Download 30 days trial version

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