Cowon Jet Aduio Skins - New Look in Jet Audio

Jet Audio Skins - Change Look of Jet Audio

Today i have found some cool jet audio skins so i am here to share this with you peoples ..!!
I have tested them All in Cowon Jet Audio 7.0 and all works fine. More Fun while listening music.

Download Link









visit back for more.........!!

USB Cell Phone Charger

Yes you can charge your cell phone phone with your USB Port. Charge your mobile with the pc usb port.

Charge your IPOD , MP4 device with POTATOES

This is very interesting video tutorial that shows you how u can charge your IPOD
mp3 players , mp4 players with POTATOES.. Must see this video

Boost your IR Remote Control - Video Tutorial

Infrared Remote Control Booster

Boost your Infrared remote control .. An easy 5 minute project to boost your Remote Control

Speed Up Your Computer - Video Tutorial

Boot your system more faster by applying the steps given in this video tutorial.

Send Free Sms to Pakistan- All Networks

Send free sms to mobilink, send free sms to telenor, send free sms to ufone, send free sms to warid

From (Example:03451234567)

To (Example:03007654321)

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Orignal Link :

Live TV Chanels - Pakistan

Online Pakistani TV channels

Live TV Chanels in pakistan totaly free.
you should have good connection i suggest 512 kbps DSL is best for it
you can watch GEO tv online , Express News Online tv,
Online Dawn News TV
Samma online tv
free stream these channels over the internet..

Make shutdown, restart, logoff and hibernate icon on Desktop

I am here with the tutorial by which you can create a shortcut to shutdown, restart, logoff or hibernate right on your desktop

1st step : right click on your desktop and click on the shortcut to create a new shortcut

on second step in the text area type Shutdown -S -t 0
and Press Next
for Restart icon : shutdown -r -t 0
Logoff: shutdown -l -t 0
Hibernate: rundll32.exe PowrProf.dll, SetSuspendState Hibernate

and then on the next step name ur short cut and press the Finish button your Icon is Ready..
have fun