Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Dies in a GUN attack

Governor Punjab Salman Taseer Dead
Governor Punjab Mr Salman Taseer is shot dead in Islamabad. He was Killed by a member of Elite Forces who is guarding him during his visit to Kohasar Market. He was shot with 9 bullet.
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Apple Official Guide on iPhone Alaram Problem

Apple Official Guide on iPhone Alaram Problem

iPhone Alaram Problem

Users who depend on the iPhone to wake them up should create one-time alarms specifically for Monday morning, We suggest customers set nonrepeating alarms for now and reset after November 7 to resolve the issue spokeswoman Natalie Harrison.
Apple iOS4.2 is the permanent solution to this problem.
United states user follow these steps to solve this problem

1. Open the Clock application.

2. Click on the Alarm icon at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click the "plus sign" icon in the top right corner.

4. Create an alarm and make sure you have the "repeat" option set to "never." The glitch only occurs with repeat alarms.

All Web Browser Benchhmark Test Chrome|Opera|IE 9|Firefox|Safari

All Web Browser Benchhmark Test
Chrome 8 vs Opera 10 vs IE 9 Firefox 4 vs Safari

Web browser are on WAR!.. In my opinion none have WIN this war. IE9 is out and its far much more better than IE8. Here i collect some of the benchmarks to show you.
Here is the first result by WebKit SunSpider java script benchmark test.
In Short WebKit Sunspider measure javascript execution time taken by any web browser.
The Above test is taken wth Dell Optiplex with a 3.0 GHz Core 2 Duo Intel processor, 4GB RAM
And you can see the clear Difference between results . IE 9 won this test with just a Millisecond dfference..

CSS and Table Render Test
CSS and Tables are the most essential part of the web page. Almost any web page have CSS.So lets see who win this war.

Before this test I always think that firefox is best with loading Tables and CSS. Its triple than the Safari. I hope firefox user disappointed after seeing this.
RAM Usage on 5 Tabs Open
So what are u thinking which browser consume less memory ?? Is that your lovely safari ,Chrome or else....!! See the Benchmark Test.
CPU Usage By Different Web Browser:

Time Take to Load Facebook ( in MS )
IE -------> 90.6

At last , i cant able to figure out which is the best one . If you asked me personally i like firefox and i am using it for last 5 years.
I will add more Benchmark test as i get new ones till then write some good comments..