10 Best Adobe PhotoShop Tutorial

10 Best Adobe PhotoShop Tutorial you should Learn

Here is my collection of the top 10 best photoshop turorial including basic and advance level graphic designing , so here are the list..

1. Signature Tutorial :
In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to create a signature like this which you can use in web forums, email.

In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial you will learn how to create a realistic fireball effect using just fillers and nothing else.

3.Watter Blast Effect:
In water blast Adobe Photoshop Tutorial you will learn to create a water blast like effects which can be used as signature background.
4. Ripple Water Effect:
This Adobe Photoshop Tutorial let you create a effect like this...

5.Burning Flesh Effect:
In this Adobe Photoshop Tutorial you learn photo blending and advance way to manage layers.

6.Create Perfect Orbit:
Create a glossy orbit which can be used in many different ways. You can place it on your web site header too and also can use it as an avatar.

7.Create a Realistic Iphone :
This is a very advance tutorial in which you will learn how to Create a Photo Realistic iPhone in Photoshop..
8.Complete Web Site Making Tutorial (Adobe Photoshop,Dreamweaver,ImageReady):
Create an advanced professional layout for your hosting company, 100% expandable with a 100 steps to follow.

Change windows 7 Drive Icons

customize drive icons01 Customize Windows 7 Drive Icons with AdSevenDriveIconChanger

You can change your windows 7 drive icons with new customized Icon just install this utility AdSevenDriveIconChanger.

Word Muhammad PBUH Found on Piece of Stone

This Stone is Found on 16/10/2010 while walking near Surgen Lake which is located in District Neelum Valley..The weight of this stone is around 25 kg.

Download Best VLC Media Player Skins

Best VLC Media Player Skins

I use VLC Player for playing videos that others player don’ stupport. The default VLC Player skin is not good. The player looks dead with that. So to give life to it, I have nice collection of skins that I use.

Below are the best ones I have.


Download from here.

Blissta VLC

Blissta VLC skin

Download from here.


Download from here.

D-GFX Dark Skin

Download from here.


Download from here.

Default Remix

Download from here.

Askin theme

Askin VLC

Download this one from here.

These were the skins I found inetersting. If they are any other good ones which I have missed out, then feel free to add them below.

Vista Start Menu and Button for XP

Vista Start Menu and Button for XP
1. Vistart
Vistart is a program that changes the look of your windows xp Menu into complete windows vista style menu with the same search option windows vista and windows 7 have . This mod also indexes your program and files for faster search. Use this transformation along with Vistamizer3 along with other transformation available.
ViStart includes a skin that looks exactly like the Windows Vista's start menu and it also supports 3rd party skins. A wide range of skins made by ViStart fans are available through deviantart.

2. ViOrb
ViOrb Changes the look of the windows xp start button into windows vista or windows 7 like start menu button . ViOrb default comes with a Vista skin but it can support 3rd party skins which are available through deviantart.

Windows XP Transformation Pack

Best Transformation Pack
Here is my selected one of the Best Transformation pack. You can Change the appearance of your Windows XP by giving it the Vista look.

Vistamizer 3.3
With VistaMizer you are now able to transform your Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003 by giving it the look of Windows Vista. Over 380 files with new Icons, pictures as well as videos are modified.best xp transformation
  • Boot screen
  • Welcome Screen / Logon Screen
  • New msstyles files (visual styles)
  • Vista-Look for Windows XP, MCE or Server 2003
    · Modification of the own system files
    · multilingual
    · completely free choice for the modification files
    · check the files for compatibility during the installation
    · backup from the original system files
    · re-modification of the system files after Windows Updates
    · rebuilding of the original system files with un-installation
Download Vistamizer - Download Server 1
Download Vistamizer - download Server 2

Windows 7 Sidebar For XP & Vista

Windows 7 Sidebar For XP & Vista

Now you can experience windows 7 sidebar interface in Windows XP. Windows 7 sidebar gadgets like weather ,system uptime media players, google search, yahoo search and lots of more search engines.Sidebar uses 50% less RAM and is faster than the original Microsoft Sidebar.