Save your Mobile From Thief

Here is cute application in the market for your s60 phones by which you can Save your cell phone from theft
This anti theft software , help you when some body stole your cell and insert his/her sim in your mobile then the mobile automatically hidden mode sends you the SMS.
- Information about the (stolen) phone can be obtained per SMS at any time

New in version 2.0:
New SMS commands:
Full lock: helps you to lock the phone and emits the sir
Turn On/Off of the Siren: turns the siren on and off remotely
Info SMS: can be requested any time. It sends you info regarding your phone and location\


1. Sign both the files
2. First install Symbian Guru Phone Guardian Key.sis
3. Then install Symbian Guru Phone Guardian Key.sisx and Re-Boot the phone
4. During the Startup set the Password for the Application
5. Keygen will be seen in the application with same icon of the Phone Guardian
6. Open the installed keygen to get the key
7. Note Down the Key displayed on the phone
8. Goto Phone Guardian application and register with the key
9. Enjoy the application

WORKS WITH N95 8gb too.



Guide on how to Signed the UnSigned Applications

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