Rename Application in Nokia s60v3

Rename your application in your Nokia s60v3 mobile phones with out using any software but by using this Trick..

1. Create a new folder in the menu(you must be in Grid View for this trick to effect) name this new folder what ever you want or just simply use folder!

2. Move(or place) the application u want to rename in the first(or should i say upper left most) position in the menu.

3. In the menu highlight the new folder you created(in step 1), press option, after pressing option pop up window will appear and while the OPEN option is in highlight, press the power off/on of your cell(but don't turn it off ok!)

4. select offline mode.

5. after you select offline mode the highlight will go to the first(or should i say the upper left most) position in the menu where you placed the application you want to rename right!!! and the pop up window still remain with the option Rename on it.

6. Now choose Rename and you can rename your application.

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