Orkut Latest Flooder Tested on 27 July 08

Here is the Latest Orkut Flooder that i Tested on 27 July 08 1:14 Am

This flooder is an extension of Firefox

You can get firefox from http://www.mozilla.com/

and extension from Here..

and then restart the FireFox

Open any orkut scrapbook, write scrap the way you want with all formatting like colors, smilies, etc.
Enter time interval in the space provided on orkut toolbar. (More on this later)
After you done writing just click start flood button on toolbar instead of post scrap button provided by orkut.

Time Interval for Different Speed
56 kbps : 2500-3500
128 kbps: 1500-2500
256 kbps: 1000-1500
512 kbps: 800-1200

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