How to Access Blocked Sites using Proxy Server [Link

You Want to visit Friendster but the site was blocked by your admin? trying to chat with your friends but cannot connect to yahoo chat? Thinking how to access your myspace account and other blocked websites? Not a problem anymore since a lot of proxy servers are there to help you access your friendster, myspace and other blocked sites for free.

What are Proxy Servers

I don’t want to go on technicalities since I think it’s not your concern. Basically, all you have to do is to go on a proxy site, enter the URL of the website you want to open on the space provided, and presto! you can now access any blocked sites.

Some disadvantages on using proxy sites are slow browsing of pages and pages packed with ads which are somewhat annoying.

Here are some list of proxy sites that you can try. Just make sure your internet security software will not block them lol!

If u Dont Like to Visit These Site u can Use this software Alternative

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  1. From my experience proxies are not very reliable and kind of slow. VPN services tend to do a better job overall and are somewhat more safe. I`m using this one for some time now:, it`s pretty fast and user friendly.