How to Rename Start Button in XP [method 1]

You can rename your Windows XP 'start' button through registry or explorer.exe by changing some values. But there is lots of efforts to rename 'start' button through it.

There is a new and simple way to do that without playing with registry or explorer.exe.

A utility called StartBtn Renamer will do it for you.

just download the utility, type the text( you want to give to the start button) in New Lable section and click on 'Rename It!'.

Your 'start' button text has been changed.

what do you think about these labels: Virus, Hello, Begin, Enter, etc.

StartBtn Renamer's Features
StartBtn Renamer runs and works under Micro$oft Windows XP.
StartBtn Renamer can run from the Command-Line.
StartBtn Renamer is very easy-to-use.
StartBtn Renamer is Freeware and OpenSource.


  1. yes we can do it manually too

  2. yes we can do it manually too