Hidden Menu of Nokia [most models]

Hidden Menu of Nokia

Most Nokia phones have a back door that lets you change many of the settings in the phone. When doing this PLEASE only do it for humor on your OWN personal phone. If you change anything please know that it can render your phone inoperable.
OK heres how to do it!

1. Turn the phones power on and get to the normal screen where you can enter phone numbers.
2. Enter into the phone the following sequence:
" *3001#12345# "

3. As soon as you enter the last "#" sign your phone will enter the debugging back door. If it does not work, than your phone does not support this code, which is rare. You can change the security codes, the NAM settings and the phones # and programming dates. Please know that any settings you change here can only be changed back by going back in or having the phone re-flashed by your dealer.

4. A cool feature you can use is the Field Test feature which is last on the list. You can choose to have the lights on all the time or have the field test active where it will actually display the information coming in from the towers it receives a signal from.
5. To get out of this mode simply turn the phone off and back on again. If you turn the field test on it will be on when you turn the phone back on. To turn off any features turned on go back into the programming the same way and turn it off.