HTC Touch 3G

HTC Touch 3G

There are Many Revolution going on in mobile sector especially in 3G Network. This is the ERA of 3G mobile network. HTC came up with this latest mobile model called HTC Touch. If you dont know , 3G license are given away in pakistan to highly reputed mobile network companies. Any how HTC Make a wonderfull mobile .

These are the HTC Touch Photos.
HTC Touch 3GHTC Touch in Different Colours

HTC Touch 3GBackside view of HTC Touch

HTC Touch 3G
HTC Touch 3G
HTC Mobile Phone
HTC Touch 3G
HTC Touch 3GCrystal Look of HTC Touch
Specification :

2.8-inch touch screen.
Powered by Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional.
Next generation TouchFLO user interface.
Available in a range of different colours.
Broadband speed with HSDPA
3.2 megapixel camera.
microSD™ slot for expandable storage.


  1. Great blog. How much does the device cost?

  2. first off thanks for commenting second thing i dont know from which country you belong to. The international price of this HTC Touch 3g almost changing every week so u better look in to the HTC official site and check pricing details for your teritory