Increase iPhone's battery life

How to Extend the Life of Your IPhone Battery - Watch more funny videos here
An video tutorial on how to Extend your iPhone's battery life with these energy-saving tips


  1. Video is a complicated mean for such an easy topic like energy saving. Everything can be explained in a text. Especially now, when there are millions of different cell phones.
    Here are the main tips
    1) No screen-saver. LCD doesn't need screen-saver at all, why people have them on their computers and phones with LCDs?
    2) Use your phone as a phone, not like an mp3-player (use real mp3-player) or videio-cam (use real cam) :-) etc.
    3) Use the shortest time of a backlings.
    And the main hint. Switch off your phone completely if you are away from your network zone :-) to prevent the phone from searching your network.

  2. TWO YEARS AGO! And was approve only 5 minutes ago. You're cool and fast, webmaster! :-)